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Welcome to the By Legacy Home Page where all your questions can be answered concerning our concepts and ventures for people looking to improve their life in the sales industry.

Who We Are

By Legacy Team is comprised of Self Motivated Personel with a desire and goal of becoming financially independant through contractual deals with both private and corporate sectors. By Legacy Team performs a service to all industry trades throughout the globe that require products and/or services being directly connected to their door steps. Each of our associates have started with the same attitude. How can I become successful in a field and trade I actually enjoy and love. And after 20 years of being in this industry, By Legacy Team is proud to say, the Keys to success are in your hand, let us help you unlock that door.

What Are We Seeking:

By Legacy Team is seeking self motivated professionals with a desire to find the needs of individuals and then fill those needs with the backing of our company products and skills. By Legacy Team wants each of our associates to have a take charge attitude as a professional managerial partner. By Legacy Team supplies all the products and services you require to make your business a success and provides these to you, our associate to put those products and services into "your" customers hands.